How To Fix Your Hacked Or Restricted Facebook Page

Jul 01, 2023

So you got restricted on Facebook...what's next?! 🤔
Take a deep breath! 😮‍💨 When FB rolls out major backend updates, it triggers a lot of bans and errors that normally wouldn't be happening.

Submit your restricted asset for a review ASAP. Facebook gives you the option to appeal this rejection. The sooner you request this review, the sooner you can get the rejection reversed! 👏

Chat with a FB rep. We have this awesome resource that FB gives us to chat directly with a real human about the issue. Open a support ticket and always request a phone call to get better service. ➡️ The fate of your account rests in the hands of FB - so play nice and be kind to your rep!

Find out WHY you were restricted and if you actually violated any community standards. Too many restrictions over time can trigger permanent bans, so be proactive about compliance! I've seen pages with 50k+ likes vanish without a trace due to not adhering to policies. Personal profiles can trigger restrictions on business pages. 🚫 No one is exempt from the rules! If you are selling product's only a matter of time before you are restricted by Facebook or Shopify. They both take trademark violations very seriously!

Be diligent in following the steps Facebook gives you to rectify the situation. If they request a document, send it sooner rather than later. ⏰