Black Friday + Small Business Saturday Tips

Nov 09, 2023

You know it’s coming…it’s practically almost here! Here are some easy ways to build hype NOW for your biggest sales of the year!


Do you have some pieces to showcase that you can’t live without? Show them off!

Have your top picks from a few employees and highlight them online as you lead up to Black Friday. Drop this info like you’re having to drip a faucet–little by little, so people want more!

If you’re operating a storefront, have your top picks that you’ve previewed online all grouped together so they’re easy to shop.

It’s even more fun if you can think of a cute name for these selected items. “Must-haves” has been so overused, it doesn’t carry the actual meaning of the term. Think of your boutique, your team, and your shoppers to find the right term for you! Get creative and HAVE FUN!


Offer incentives for shopping local/small. People could very easily shop at department stores or big chains this Holiday season, but they’re choosing to shop YOUR STORE! We know you appreciate them, but show them some love! 

Create a hashtag, have a photo op in store, or have people share their online hauls to enter into a special giveaway for shopping with you.

Throw together a goody bag with some of your favorite smaller items and best sellers, or give them a gift card to your store, or even a gift card to another local favorite of yours–like a coffee shop or bakery. A handwritten note serves as the perfect reminder that they’re not just shopping at a store…they’re supporting you, your family, and the community around them.


Get cozy! You’re in for a long few days, so make sure you have a place for you and your employees to rest and recharge in between the shopping rushes. Have some special refreshments for your team, and maybe even a small “thank you” gift for each employee. It’s so important for them to feel appreciated, but especially during the holiday rush.