5 Tips To Survive & Thrive During The "J-Months"

Jul 08, 2023

A J-month is here! If you need inspiration & encouragement to thrive during this period, we've got you covered! You might be wondering...what the heck is a "J-month"?! A J-month is quite literally a month that begins with J: January, June, and July! These months are historically slow for e-commerce businesses, particularly boutiques. 

Here are 5 tips you need to not just survive, but THRIVE during what may be a slower time!

1. Be Consistent in Every Way - Be consistent with your branding on each social platform and be YOU! Your customers want to shop with someone that has a unique story. You are more than a clothing brand or retailer. Be intentional about showing up on your socials and in your store! You will never regret giving 100% effort.

2. Make Time for Self Care - THIS IS SO IMPORTANT. If you are not okay, then you can’t give yourself to anything or anyone else. When was the last time you checked in on yourself? Plan, schedule, or delegate as much as you can to your supporting staff if you have that resource. For the one-woman shows, just find (at least) 30 minutes each day to do something for YOU that makes you happy and fills your cup. Find 1 day a week to rest, and 1 day a month to can celebrate who you are, how far you have come, and where you are going! You deserve it, after all. 💛

3. Create Urgency and Excitement - If you aren’t showing up and talking about your store and what’s coming next, then who is going to be excited? Show your audience a little behind the scenes action and let them know what’s going on in your life and your store. Hype up your boutique and your new arrivals up! Make sure the social media posts you’re making have calls-to-action. You don’t have to throw around discounts to make consumers excited. How are you creating urgency this month?

4. Invest in Your Marketing Strategy - Investing in your marketing strategy could be your email marketing, organic social posting, exploring new platforms, SEO, or even ads. Whatever you choose to invest in, make sure you do it well. If you can’t find the time to post, create content, or even manage your ads, then consider outsourcing! Do what YOU do best, then hire the rest.

5. Stay Top of Mind - Remarketing is a HUGE necessity, but why? New customer acquisition is essential for growth, but how are you servicing your existing, interested audience? If you aren’t advertising to them, another brand is! Running retargeting ads or even email campaigns can allow you to give the appropriate attention to your current customers that you need to nurture. Pro Tip: For customers who have purchased but grown cold, consider running an ad or email campaign offering them 10% off their next purchase!

We're here for you.
Xoxo, Digital Boutique Co. 😘